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Meet Heather: your trusted partner in financial excellence

The beginning of Heather’s journey may be attributed to her childhood on a small farm in rural Tennessee, where she was taught the importance of perseverance and teamwork. Her extraordinary journey, which began with her modest upbringing and continued through her time in the US Air Force and her final discovery of her calling in the banking and business industries, was facilitated by this foundation.

In the US Air Force, Heather served in leadership positions across continents, leading various teams all around the world to cultivate a global perspective that would serve her well in her future pursuits.

With a relentless focus on excellence, Heather developed her skills in controllership, senior management, and accounting. She completed her business administration bachelor’s and master’s degrees as well as her master’s in accounting as a trailblazing first-generation student.

Following a career path that took her to important roles in both prestigious Big 4 accounting firms and Fortune 100 businesses, Heather gained a lot of experience that she currently uses as a compass.

Heather is unique in that she is steadfastly committed to your success. As a visionary real estate entrepreneur and skilled accountant, Heather derives personal joy from enabling others, both in her professional and familial relationships. She is a capable and loyal business partner who is determined to see your projects succeed under her direction.

With Heather by your side, set out on a path of leadership, knowledge, and unmatched dedication to achievement. Allow Heather to be your reliable mentor on this life-changing adventure—your goals are worth it.

Get to Know Our Team!

Savannah – Office Manager & Executive Assistant

Introducing Savannah, our devoted executive assistant and office manager. She uses her outstanding knowledge and abilities in organization to give our clients a flawless experience. She works nonstop to make sure that our clients have the assistance they require to easily accomplish their goals and manage their journey with Summit CFO, all while having a sincere passion for assisting others. As the driving force behind our office, Savannah combines efficiency with her warm and friendly personality, fostering a collaborative work environment that supports our clients every step of the way.

Savannah is a Tennessee native, even though she called Alaska home for several years.  While in Alaska for school she lettered in 3 sports including volleyball, soccer, and flag football.  Savannah’s commitment to her sports teams, coupled with her ability at being a supportive teammate and leader, exemplifies just a few of the qualities that make her an excellent match for our Summit CFO team.  When she is not at work and helping clients, Savannah loves spending time outdoors with her family and they especially enjoy time at the pool or local lake with her sweet dog Lola.

Lana – Controller in Charge

Meet Lana, our Controller in Charge, and a seasoned professional with a flair for numbers and a passion for precise bookkeeping. Her dedication to providing exceptional service in financial management is instrumental in helping businesses thrive and grow.

With a meticulous eye for detail, Lana oversees the intricacies of financial data, ledger entries, and reports, ensuring accuracy and efficiency every step of the way. Her commitment to excellence is evident in her relentless pursuit of creating better business outcomes through her expertise in bookkeeping.

When Lana isn’t immersed in spreadsheets, you’ll likely find her enjoying quality time with her family or unwinding on the beach. Balancing work and leisure seamlessly, Lana’s enthusiasm for both aspects of life enriches her contributions to any team she’s a part of.

Meet Xena and Luna, our dynamic Corporate Canine Ambassadors!

Luna, our Chief Happiness Officer, brings humor and treat-detection skills, while Xena, our Director of Paw-lic Relations, excels in building positive connections. Together, they create a joyous and professional atmosphere, adding a delightful touch to our workplace. 

When they aren’t hard at work Luna can usually be found with a toy close by and hanging with her favorite people while Xena is guarding the perimeter of the facility or taking a nap either on her cot or favorite spot on the couch.  

Join us in celebrating this dynamic canine duo as they continue to raise the woof in our corporate world!

Summit CFO‘s mission was to empower and inspire fellow entrepreneurs to achieve success. Our founder, who has a background in investment real estate, met many visionaries with innovative ideas and a steadfast determination to create thriving businesses. A recurring theme was the lack of financial expertise that prevented these promising ventures reaching their full potential.

Summit CFO was born out of a passion to bridge this critical gap. A strong financial foundation was crucial to propelling businesses forward. Our seasoned financial professionals with their years of experience work closely with entrepreneurs in order to navigate the complex landscape of financial management.

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